Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the idea of wearing a mask has become controversial. A measure to slowing the spread of a virus rampaging throughout the world, has meet resistance. These people who resist it, often spread fake information which has caused harm. Even key politicians refuse to acknowledge the effectiveness of fighting off the virus by simply wearing a mask, and even spread lies to the people to protect their own skin. Mask have been proven by multiply studies their effectiveness of protecting someone from possibly Covid exposure, yet people chose to believe the words of people who have no creditability and often ignore the facts. One major reason this pandemic has gotten to this level, is people choosing to ignore science and go outside without a mask and expose themselves and love ones to this virus. Our leaders, and the people themselves, need to trust the science rather than uncreditable articles and stories they see online. They need to put on their mask, and do their part in trying to reduce the spread of Covid 19.