Peter Tellone, Landscape Photographer

Peter Tellone is a photographer whose photos emphasize the effect of light and perspective on an environment. His landscape locations vary from the ocean to the vast desolate deserts around California. Peter believes that landscape photography is much slower and mainly focuses on composition, perspective, and timing. Landscape photography is about catching the environment in the best conditions possible. This includes having intriguing composition to gain the attention of the viewer, taking the photo at the correct time of day, and using perspective to add depth to your photo. Peter Telline does this really well as his photos are always interesting and beautiful to look at. He’s able to place the elements given to him to create an aesthetic composition. Donna Dotan, Architectural Photographer

Ralph Lee Hopkins, Wildlife Photographer

Ralph Lee Hopkins is interested in both wild landscapes and the wild creatures that roam the lands. His interest sparked when he was studying the Grand Canyon, and his transition to different environments intrigued his interest. His take on wildlife photography is that these photos should convey a story, about things beyond the control of mankind. Hopkin typically travels around the world, photographing in exotic locations and exotic animals. He has the patience and the correct minded set to take the perfect photo. He includes the geological factors and the time of day to make his photo more visually appealing. His commitment to detail is respectable, and he wants nothing less than perfect.