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Landscape Oil Painting

Canon Lens Experience

Peter Tellone, Landscape Photographer Peter Tellone is a photographer whose photos emphasize the effect of light and perspective on an environment. His landscape locations vary from the ocean to the vast desolate deserts around California. Peter believes that landscape photography… Continue Reading →

The 100 Most Influential Photographs

The Hindenburg disaster was a photo taken by Sam Shere, in 1927. This photo along with many others of the tragic event was on the front page of the news, and the first thing that came out of people mouth…. Continue Reading →

Style of Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund creates amazing photos with the work she has done. Sandy Skoglund is a one of a kind artist, which no photographer comes close too. Her photos are so creativity and the work she puts into is noticeable. Every… Continue Reading →

Style of Wassily Kandinsky

The styles and paintings of Wassily Kandinsky is definitely unique. His work is one of a kind, and its always a pleasure to scroll though and see everything he has done. The ways he uses colors and motions and combines… Continue Reading →


Why is Photography So Important?

Photography is a way to express yourself creativity. With the art of photography you could create amazing and creative images that’ll grab the attention of millions. Photography is a way to show your ideas and how you see the world,… Continue Reading →

Social Issue Poster

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the idea of wearing a mask has become controversial. A measure to slowing the spread of a virus rampaging throughout the world, has meet resistance. These people who resist it, often spread fake information… Continue Reading →

Shadow Series

Critique of Silver List Photographers

Granville Carroll: Granville Carroll is a photographer whose work often involves space, comic entities, and other interesting sights. His photos are intriguing, as they incorporate different elements, shapes, figures to grab the viewers attention. My favorite work is his “Reflection… Continue Reading →

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